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Company & Commercial

Irrespective of the size of your business or whether you are a partnership, a limited company or a sole trader, Cartmell & Co is here to provide high-calibre, practical advice on all aspects of company and commercial law.

We are here to help you establish your start-up business or develop and grow your existing business.

Our aim

We aim to ensure you are provided with effective and clear legal advice, with an emphasis on getting to know you and your business. All advice is personal and tailored specifically to your company.

The areas we cover

Some examples of the areas we cover are:

  • Formation of new businesses
  • Shareholders and partnership agreements
  • Commercial contracts and agreements
  • Terms of business and e-commerce
  • Buying or selling your business
  • Regulation and compliance
  • Share capital and structure


We understand the importance of a cost-effective service for you and your business. We offer a fixed fee consultation (£75 plus VAT) to discuss your requirements and to advise you of the process. Drafting an agreement or document for a business can be charged under our fixed fee scheme, starting from £250 plus VAT.

Whatever your requirements, we will aim to provide a fixed or capped cost for you on request and wherever possible.

We understand that starting a business is an exciting but stressful time. We aim to help you every step of the way and to make your start-up as stress free as possible.

There are a number of legal structures available and choosing the right one is essential: the structure you choose will define your legal responsibilities. Our expert legal advice will help you decide.

Once you have decided on a legal structure based on our advice, the next steps are:

  • forming the new business;
  • advising on and filing the necessary documentation; &
  • creating Partnership Deeds or Shareholder Agreements.
When a new business begins, the partners or directors are united and moving in the same direction. The initial intention is never that the relationship will end on bad terms. However, it is important to prepare for such a scenario at the outset of the business, when the relationship is at its strongest.

We advise all businesses involving a partnership, or more than one shareholder, to have a written Partnership Agreement or Shareholders’ Agreement.

A properly drafted agreement eliminates all uncertainty from the relationship, leaving the parties to focus on the needs of the business. We can advise and draft agreements relating to a number of aspects, such as share restrictions and exit strategy.

Your business will enter into contracts on a regular basis with your customers, your suppliers and your staff. Cartmell & Co are here to protect your business by ensuring that any contract you create or enter into is on the correct terms.

We offer a cost-effective service to assist you with:

  • reviewing your terms of business with individual clients and suppliers;
  • drafting a set of terms for your use on all standard contracts.

Our experts offer a bespoke service tailored specifically to your business needs.

Whether you sell your products and services personally or through a website, Cartmell & Co can assist by preparing bespoke contractual terms for your business.

Your Terms of Business are your opportunity to define how you want to conduct business. It is also your opportunity to minimise risk and protect your interests.

We also ensure that your Terms are reviewed for E-Commerce purposes and we will review your supporting documents, such as purchase order forms, to ensure that your terms and conditions are incorporated into the contract.

We understand that buying or selling a business is an important decision. The motivation behind the purchase or sale of a business is key in determining the structure of the deal and negotiating the transaction. There are various legal and commercial requirements associated with such actions

A careful, diligent legal service is required to ensure that the transactions proceed smoothly and that our clients are fully covered legally, ensuring that they achieve the best outcome.

We can:

  • Determine your objectives;
  • Advise on the type of purchase or sale;
  • Guide you through the process;
  • Assist with any pre-sale grooming;
  • Carry out thorough due diligence; &
  • Complete the purchase, sale or merger.

Following completion, we will carry out any post-completion actions such as Companies House filings, updating registers and carrying out administrative tasks.

Compliance is often overlooked by small and medium sized businesses, which are focused on generating sales and promoting services. However, the penalties and fines that can be incurred can put the future of your business at risk. It is important to ensure that your business is taking the right steps.

Protection of data, for example, will present a challenge for small and medium sized businesses as a result of the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), which in itself carries high penalties for non-compliance. Cartmell & Co are here to give you the practical advice you need to comply with GDPR and prevent breaches.

Business owners are often quick to open a bank account, appoint an Accountant and focus on the financial health of the business but rarely consider their legal obligations and needs.

Our Business Legal Health Check is designed to identify areas in need of attention and ensure that your business meets its legal obligations.

We will visit you and your business to carry out the Legal Health Check for a fixed fee. Whether your business needs commercial advice, property advice or employment advice, we have the team to meet your needs.

Our team

James Green: Our Lead Company and Commercial solicitor who advises on a broad range of company and commercial matters by applying a pragmatic and straightforward approach with a focus on achieving cost-effective solutions. Contact James at

Tamara Barbeary: Our solicitor who assists in advising on Company and Commercial matters. Contact Tamara at

Robert Cartmell: Founder and Managing Director of the firm and Head of the Company and Commercial Department. Contact Robert at

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